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Care for your kind of hair

We’ve zeroed in one some particular hair types and some tips on how to care for them.

By amanda
March 16th, 2017
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Tips for healthy hair this summer

The hotter weather can really damage your hair, and we have some tips for taking care of your locks in the summer months.

By Ally
February 2nd, 2016
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Healthy hair from the inside out

A healthy diet is a great place to start if you want your hair to look beautiful.

By Melanie Rands
March 5th, 2015
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For healthy hair, avoid these five chemicals

Haircare products, along with other other cosmetic and personal care products we use every day, contain thousands of ingredients. Lots of these won’t harm your health, but others have been linked to health issues like disruption of our hormone system and irritation of our skin, scalp and eyes.

By Melanie Rands
December 16th, 2014
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