Article - Try these podcasts for sustainable living

Try these podcasts for sustainable living

Many of our staff like listening to podcasts when they have even a short time to spare. They’re a good way to get information when you’re on a road trip, have a task to do that’s not so interesting and you can listen at the same time, or even when you’ve headed out for a breath of fresh air and a walk.

These are lots of ways to tune in to a podcast, whether it’s using an app like iHeart Radio, iTunes, or streaming them from the producers’ websites. You can even download them to listen to later, or subscribe so you’ll know when a new episode comes out.

We’ve put together a list of podcasts you might want to check out if you’re interested in sustainability, being a conscious consumer, living well or doing business with ethics:

Pure Green podcast

Pure Green magazine covers sustainability across a range of topics, from food and family to wellness, homes and DIY. The podcast has had a series of interesting and informative guests, like Matt Geddie, co-founder of Skinny and Co coconut oil, Pure Green food editor Jonathan MacKay, minimalist and mother Erin Boyle, and holistic nutritionist Tara Miller.

Green Is Good

Green Is Good will interest anyone who wants to find out more about sustainable business practices, green tech and eco initiatives around the world. It features execs from some big companies like Ford, Dell, Unilever, Ikea, Johnson & Johnson and Ben & Jerry’s. It’s hosted by John Shegerian, the CEO of Electronic Recyclers International.

The Fair Marketeers

Each week the Fair Marketeers pick a business mind to interview about how they reduce their impact on the world. The interview subjects span diverse industries and themes, including fashion, job creation, craft, health and technology.

Healthy Moms Podcast

Katie Wells, now a mother of six, says she started Wellness Mama after the birth of her first child. She shares real food recipes, cleaning tutorials, beauty tips and health advice to help people and their families lead healthier lives. The weekly podcast offers information on parenting, various health conditions, natural remedies, nutrition, exercise and more.

The Green Divas Radio Show

This weekly, one hour podcast is hosted by Meg, one of the founders of The Green Divas, a site dedicated to ideas for more sustainable living. Megan McWilliams Bouchard says her goal is to make these ideas more accessible to a broad and diverse audience. Among the guests are environmental experts, people who are interested in natural health, and healthy foodies.

Treehugger Radio

Although it stopped production last year, you can still access Treehugger Radio’s archive of podcasts. Made by the team at the well known US site that covers green news globally, the podcast has covered topics like the future of food, wildlife preservation, vertical farming, electric vehicles, collaborative consumption and green architecture.

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