Article - Take sensible precautions and use products with no unnecessary ingredients

Take sensible precautions and use products with no unnecessary ingredients

Malcolm was one of a team of experts interviewed  by the founder of Mindfood, Michael McHugh, at the their first ‘Good Health 2012’ symposium last night. The panel included nutrition and fitness experts who were offering advice in the areas of home, health, fitness, psychology, wellbeing and diet. Malcolm spoke about the importance of getting rid of nasty chemicals from your home for the sake of your health, saying that the Laundry is an easy and important place to start. The problem currently facing many consumers he said, is that there is no legislation requiring ingredients to be listed on cleaning products, making it impossible to know what’s in the products they are using everyday around their homes. Some companies (like ecostore) are adopting voluntary codes of practice around ingredient disclosure - going above and beyond legal requirements to list all ingredients on their product labels and Malcolm’s advice was to take sensible precautions and look for products with no unnecessary ingredients like optical whiteners or artificial colours.

There are three principles at the heart of ecostore’s product development:

  • Health always comes first – we follow the Precautionary Principle which means if there’s any doubt about the safety of an ingredient we will find a safer alternative.
  • No compromise on performance – our products are independently tested to perform as well as the leading brand alternative.
  • Use a little, save a lot – our safely concentrated products use the least number of ingredients at the lowest concentrations to get the best results.

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