Article - Running in nature for wellness

Running in nature for wellness

Taking time to get out in nature can be such a great thing for our wellbeing - it helps us manage the stress that inevitably comes with busy work and home lives, it means we’re prioritising time for ourselves, and it can be really restorative.

There are many forms of exercise and movement we can do outdoors - like yoga, swimming, walking and running. We may think of trail running as the more extreme of these, but it can be a great way to build exercise into our routine and re-connect with nature at the same time.

Running coach Alex Asher from Moxiee Running has created this short video to tell you more about running for wellness - take a look!

Running out in nature can also help us focus on collecting experiences, not accumulating ‘things’ and clutter - Alex has some more about this over on the Moxiee Running blog. And if you’re a beginner runner living in Auckland, the blog also has 10 ideas for routes that are less than 5km.

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