Article - Re-use personal care containers for good

Re-use personal care containers for good

If you buy ecostore personal care products, you probably know that the bottles – our sugarcane-plastic Carbon Capture Paks - are recyclable. But re-using these and other containers once the product’s used up is also a useful and fun way to be kinder to the planet.

We’ve brought together some ideas for upcycling these kinds of containers at your place – if you have others why not share them by leaving a comment?

  1. Store the small things

Little containers like the one we use for our nappy balm, or larger tubs that once stored lip gloss or body cream, are great for keeping things that would otherwise be scattered around the house. That might be drawing pins, coins for the next time you need to use a parking meter, spare buttons, safety pins or leftover garden seeds.

  1. Hide it away

Slightly bigger bottles like the ones in our travel and baby essentials packs can be saved for things like hiding a doorkey and keeping it clean when it’s stashed in the garden. The same technique can be applied to hiding items in a treasure hunt for the kids, or even small Easter eggs. This size container is also good for keeping things like hairclips or jewellery items like thin chains together.

  1. Being crafty

These small to mid size containers can be good materials if you’re doing craft activities with the kids. Why not make some finger puppets using the empty plastic cylinders, or some ornaments to add to the Christmas decorations set? And with a bit of decoration you can turn containers into bath toys instead of buying new toys.

Image adapted from on Pinterest

  1. Getting taller

Larger containers like shampoo bottles can substitute for a vase of flowers when needed, or be cut down to act as a planter for a small succulent or to grow herbs on the kitchen windowsill. These tall bottles might also be handy as storage for pens and pencils, chopsticks or wooden kebab skewers. Add two holes and a shoelace and taller bottles can become a carry case to keep valuables safe during a trip to the pools or the beach.

  1. Put them all together

If you have leftover bottles or tubs of various sizes, you can glue them together to put lots of different things in their places. One example is a desk organiser with holders for all your stationery items, or a candle holder to place everything from tealights to beeswax rolls and taller candles.

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