Article - Kokohuia Lodge competition winner

Kokohuia Lodge competition winner

We recently ran a completion with our friends at Kokohuia Lodge to win a luxury weekend for two at their exclusive accommodation in New Zealand. We had some awesome entries.


The Hokianga from South Head, Northland

The winning entry was from Scott in Melbourne who has decided to surprise his partner Jess with the trip. When we got in contact with Scott and unbeknown to us we were thrilled to hear how much of an ecostore fan he and Jess are. Over time he and Jess have made changes in their lives to become happier and healthier – exactly what ecostore and Kokohuia Lodge are all about.

After notifying him of his win, we asked Scott to tell us in his own words a little more about himself. Scott says:

My partner Jess and I have been happily together for four years now.  We try to better ourselves and often look for interesting documentaries to watch.

 Around June of 2013 we watched Welcome to Chemerical! - Chemical Nation and it really opened our eyes to the hazards of common household products.  So we scheduled a detox to our home and slowly over a period of months replaced our cleaning products and most of our body products.  We attempted some homemade recipes, in the beginning.  Some worked, but others were more like failed school experiments.  Being busy people we decided to look for natural, chemical free products that we could simply purchase already prepared.  We tested a few products and have been extremely happy with ecostore’s products and use them for nearly all our cleaning.  The only other things we use for cleaning are raw ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice or baking soda.

 We’ve tried to share our experiences with our friends and family, but are conscious not to be pushy.  Realising that the common products marketed and sold today may harm your health in the span of a lifetime, is a difficult realisation.  We’ve done a bit of research for ourselves and use the website often.  We’ve found it can take a little experimentation, but the natural products work as well if not better and are often cheaper than commercial chemical-based products.

 My partner and I have also taken up herb gardening in our city apartment for fun and have decorated our home with more plants.  We enjoy shopping for all our produce, meats, breads, cheeses, eggs, etc at the Victoria Markets in Melbourne and only shop for the remaining essentials (milk, canned foods, etc) in the grocery store.

 Individually these small lifestyle changes have happened over months and years but we are positive that collectively they will make a difference in our health and happiness.  Jess and I took a holiday together to the south island of New Zealand a few years ago and loved it.  We are looking forward to the opportunity of coming back and seeing the north island, staying at the Kokohuia Lodge and perhaps relaxing on the beaches of the Bay of Islands.  

Congratulations Scott & Jess – we hope you have an amazing time!



Image credit: Phillip Capper via Flickr

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