Article - Is your mum an eco hero?

Is your mum an eco hero?

To celebrate Mother’s Day in 2013 we asked our newsletter subscribers to nominate their mums to be our eco hero and we got so many lovely stories we thought we’d share them with you.

My Ma is an eco hero, absolutely! She (and her partner) have run the Far North Organic Growers Assoc for so many years I’ve lost count, they trap pests in reserve land to protect our native birds, run kiwi aversion training for local dogs, they nurture the bees, birds and wildlife in their area, were instrumental in changing the local tip to a recycling centre many years ago, they’ve done work for DOC, Greenpeace and Royal Forest and Bird, clean up local beaches and take their beautiful organic produce to the local market for others to enjoy.  She leads by example, isn’t shy to voice her eco opinions, and has been organic for about 30 years!  She sends us down boxes of her lovely produce for us to enjoy, and we’ve loved feijoa season!  Her garlic is the best you can get too!!  I think my Ma would be a little embarrassed to be recognised, but she works hard, and she deserves it! TK

Mum is very concerned about the environment and tries hard to nullify any impact she may have on it. In her home she has a nice garden, composts garden waste, and refuses to use sprays and pesticides. She methodically recycles house-hold goods and waste. She walks whenever possible instead of using her car. Mrs J.C R

Mum is an eco hero for the little things she does like car pool to work, recycle and save power by turning off lights that are not in use. She has also taught my brother and I to be eco hero’s by bringing us up to do things like to make things from scratch so we cut down on the pre-package stuff meaning less waste, as well as not use harsh chemicals as they are not only bad for the environment but also bad for us, grow our own food and really get back to nature. By bringing us up like this there are now 3 eco friendly families in the world just because of my mum! SL

My Mum makes a difference to the environment by maintaining a beautiful garden full of flowers and other features that attract bees and feed native birds. She also has a huge vege garden and shares homegrown vegetables with her family. AC

My mum is one of the most incredible women I know.  She’s known by many of our friends as either Muma Dee or The Rainmaker!  Muma Dee because she’s like a mum to so many people, warm and loving, always willing to listen and advise when needed, the Rainmaker because so often they end up in tears of release. Mum has been through so much in her life, an early pregnancy at 16 years to me, an awful divorce by our father which later led to her and our step father (now called Dad) raising us through our teenage years without help from our father. Then after her third pregnancy 23 year ago she was diagnosed with postnatal psychosis, and spent three months in Carrington hospital.  However in true Muma Dee fashion she turned the experience around and started a support group for women who experienced PNP, and spoke to Doctors and other health professionals to raise awareness of this disorder.  All of these experiences and more means she has a wealth of life experience that she is able to gift to others in need. Within the Waitara community she has become a core part of the community.  Her church involvement means she is regularly to be found running free dinner nights, and organizing food baskets and much more for those in need within the community. In this way she keeps incredibly busy helping not only those in need, but also our friends and family. My mother has helped me through some of the toughest times of my life, and I’m eternally grateful for her wisdom and advice. Muma Dee and I love and regularly use your products, and as a Naturopath I often recommend them to clients. Thanks for being in business!! NS

Thanks to everyone who shared their stories with us, if you have a story to add we’d love to hear it.

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