Article - Infographic: creating a garden to help the planet

Infographic: creating a garden to help the planet

People often wonder what they can do to help the planet, and some feel that no one person can really make a difference. Well you can, and your garden is a great place to start!


To create a garden that benefits the environment, there are certain things you need to avoid. Some gardeners rely  on pesticides, herbicides and potentially harmful fertilisers, but you need to throw these away for an eco-friendly garden.

Simple steps like harvesting rainwater can make a huge difference. When you consider that 75% of household water is used outdoors during growing season, the savings could be huge. Relaxing the use of your lawnmower can also help. Gas-powered lawnmowers are particularly bad for the environment so why not try using a less fuel-intensive lawnmower, or if you do have a gas-powered lawnmower, consider cutting your lawn a little less often.

Don’t forget the benefits of companion planting in your garden either. Companion planting helps create healthy soil to raise a variety of edibles in small spaces, with limited nutrients and water. For example, chives provide great protection for tomatoes when the two are in close proximity.

When your garden is created with the planet it mind, you can attract creatures like butterflies and bees. You can find out more how to do just that in this infographic from Capital Garden Services.


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