Article - For healthy hair, avoid these five chemicals

For healthy hair, avoid these five chemicals

Haircare products, along with other other cosmetic and personal care products we use every day, contain thousands of ingredients. Lots of these won’t harm your health, but others have been linked to health issues like disruption of our hormone system and irritation of our skin, scalp and eyes.

Some products we use on our hair have ingredients that strip its natural oils and coat it in chemicals like dimethicone. Dimethicone is a chemical that can leave a slippery feeling when you’re conditioning your hair, which may give you the impression your hair is healthy. But it’s important to check the labels on haircare products and see if any of these commonly-found nasty chemicals are in your shampoo or conditioner.

These are one of the most widely used personal care product preservatives. They can to mimic hormones like oestrogen and cause imbalance to our hormonal system. They’ve also been linked to breast cancer.

Sodium lauryl/laureth sulphates are plant-based cleaners that are also known to irritate skin and eyes. As well, they penetrate the natural protective barrier of your skin which leaves it exposed to other chemicals. It’s also been found to be contaminated with the potential carcinogen 1-4 dioxane.

Cocamide DEA
This chemical is a foaming agent that’s designed to make bubbles last longer. It’s been associated with concerns over contamination with possible carcinogens.

As mentioned above, dimethicone can make your hair feel soft and slippery, giving the impression of hair health. But this silicone can also be hard to remove and can irritate your skin.

Cocamidopropyl betaine is another foaming agent. It’s plant based and the American Contact Dermatitis Society has previously voted it Allergen of the Year. CAPB has also been suspected of being toxic to the environment.

If you’d like to learn more about nasty chemicals we choose to leave out of our products, you can check out our full chemical database here.

We choose plant-based Hair Care ingredients that cleanse and nourish hair without stripping or coating it. The products are enriched with natural oils like argan and avocado for shine and nourishment.

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    Your website is amazing, so full of great information!
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    Very informative article. Loved to read this . Helpful for keeping my hair healthy. Keep posting smile
    By Envisage clinic on Fri May 08, 2015

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