Article - Follow these six tips for healthy hair

Follow these six tips for healthy hair

Opting for haircare products without nasty chemicals that can be harsh on hair is a great first step when it comes to caring for your locks. But there are lots of other ways to give your hair a boost that aren’t just about the products you put on it.

We’ve compiled this list of tips that cover things like diet, haircare tools, treatment and styling.

1. Gently does it
Your hair is most vulnerable to chemicals when you shower because the warm water opens your skin pores more than they normally are. That’s why products that retain natural protective oils from your scalp and don’t have potentially harmful ingredients like parabens, SLS/SLES, dimethicone and CAPB is so important.

2. Try a massage
We’re not talking about a body massage here, but a gentle scalp massage will help blood flow, which means a better supply of nutrients for your follicles and more productive hair growth.

3. From the inside out
Speaking of nutrients, a diet high in omega-3 and omega-6 and other essential fatty acids will nourish your hair. These can be found in found in foods like flax seed oil, salmon, walnuts and almonds.

4. Get some exercise
Movement is thought to make more blood flow to the scalp and strengthen its roots, meaning it may break less.

5. Relax
Taking some ‘me time’ can be just as beneficial for your hair as your skin. Take time out every day, get lots of sleep and breathe deeply.

6. Turn down the heat
Heat stylers can take the natural moisturising oils out of your hair, making it brittle and increasing the chance it will break. So don’t use these too often.

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