Article - Five tips for healthy holidays

Five tips for healthy holidays

It’s easy at this time of year to get caught up in the mad rush towards the holidays and forget about the things that matter most, whether that’s spending unhurried time with family and friends or taking quiet time out by ourselves. So with the festive season fast approaching we thought it was time to share a quick round-up of things to help you get there in one piece:

  1. Make sure you get enough sleep: The best hours for our bodies to benefit from regeneration and repair are between 10.30pm and 2am, so if possible, try and go to sleep between 10-10.30 at night and get up between 6-6.30 in the morning. Reading a book rather than using your mobile devices before going to sleep can really help with this, and if, like me you charge your devices overnight, make sure they’re plugged in at least 1 metre away from your bed
  2. Moderate your caffeine intake - try and keep to one or two coffees a day
  3. Make a list of things you need to do and make decisions about what’s most important to get done. Do your best to stick to your goals but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do it all. Workflowy is a great online tool for lists
  4. Practice gratitude - keeping a gratitude journal can really help see the world in a fresh light
  5. Love the planet by buying less and spending what you have on quality rather than quantity. In a NZ Herald article called ‘Unwanted gifts flogged off online’ a Trademe spokesperson reported that, ‘More than 18,000 items have been added to online trading site Trade Me since lunchtime on Christmas Day’.

For more on Sustainable Giving:

  1. Homemade gift ideas and tips for gift wrapping that’ll help you avoid a mountain of rubbish
  2. Read about sharing experiences rather than gifts
  3. Grist has plenty of homemade gift ideas such as jars of home-made granola
  4. Check out our Pinterest boards for Green Gift Ideas and Christmas Fun.

Happy Holidays everyone! If you have any tried and true tips you’d like to share that might us over holidays, we’d love to hear them.

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