Article - ecostore manufacturing certified child labour free

ecostore manufacturing certified child labour free

In June we brought you the exciting news that we were on the journey to being accreditated under the new Child Labor Free programme founded in New Zealand. Now it’s great to be able to announce that we’ve achieved accreditation for our manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing is one of three areas companies can be certified in - the others are the components companies use and the source of their product ingredients.

Child labour is work that deprives children of their childhood and it’s a big issue globally – Unicef estimates it affects as many as 150 million kids.

We’re proud to be child labour free and our supply chain is a really important part of how we do business.

“We now live in a global marketplace so even though we can give great jobs to all our team here, we also need to work really closely with our suppliers so that their practices align with our values,” says our CEO Malcolm Rands.

“We want to  show consumers we really care about the wellbeing of the planet and its people – whatever age they are.”

Nikki Prendergast and Michelle Pratt, experienced childhood educators, founded Child Labor Free earlier this year when they realised the toys they sourced for their centres could have been made by child workers. They decided there was a need for a scheme that gives businesses the chance to provide certainty that they’re child labour free throughout their supply chain.

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    Dear Eco
    Thank you for being Child Labor Free. I am a high school teacher who already buys your products and now that I know you are Child Labor free I will advertise your products to my students as we are currently studying Child Labor and Fair Trade.
    Thank you for making a difference in people's lives.
    By susan stantiall on Sat October 24, 2015

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