Article - An ethical kiwi business with a difference: Zee Zee Merino

An ethical kiwi business with a difference: Zee Zee Merino

We love to support other Kiwi companies that are making a difference and Zee Zee merino is doing just that.

The Zee Zee Merino journey began 8 years ago when Becky’s son Jacob was 3 and needing some woolen clothing which was hard to come by at the time. Seeing an opportunity Becky teamed up with sister Amy and Zee Zee Merino was born.

From the beginning Amy and Becky were passionate about creating an ethical business with a difference.

This meant that Amy and Becky chose to have all their clothing made in New Zealand at a time most companies were choosing to manufacture offshore.

Choosing to have Zee Zee Merino made in New Zealand has had many benefits in particular from an environmental angle. Being a small ‘boutique’ business where every part of making their clothing is kept in New Zealand means their carbon footprint is a gentle one with a focus on creating long lasting and value for money clothing.

Partnering with ecostore was a natural fit as ecostore is founded on like-minded principles and they also just happen to have the perfect product to care for Zee Zee Merino.

Zee Zee Merino is machine washable and easy care but being made from a natural wool fibre it still needs to be cared for with a product designed for woollens. ecostore delicates and wool wash gives Merino the love it needs and leaves it smelling yummy so we recommend our customers use it to care for their Zee Zee Merino.

Zee Zee Merino now makes merino clothing for children aged 0-10 and has added a small Zeelicious merino for ladies range too – all totally Grown & Sewn in New Zealand.

They sell online at and also through their Zee Zee Merino ‘Musters’.

A Muster involves having a few friends around for a get together and having a ‘Musterer’ come over to show the Zee Zee Merino collection.

It is a great environment for people to experience and feel the Zee Zee Merino up close and see what might be suited to their family.

By hosting a Muster Hostesses get free merino along with great discounts for their friends.

So if you love Merino and want to support the locally made industry then get yourself to a Zee Zee Merino Muster for a fun night out or even better have one at your place!

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    Fabulous! Zeezeemerino!
    By Joanna Murray Hill on Thu May 29, 2014

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