Article - A new way to fly the NZ flag

A new way to fly the NZ flag

We’ve got a new way to show off our Kiwi heritage on the world stage after successfully applying to use the FernMark – a well-recognised visual identity for New Zealand.

The New Zealand Story Group, which oversees the FernMark programme, says granting the license for the mark recognises us and other businesses as ambassadors of the New Zealand Story - companies that protect the reputation of our country offshore.

The group says it brings to life what’s unique about New Zealand, communicates our value to the world and shows our innovative and creative spirit.

Our CEO Malcolm Rands says being New Zealand made and founded are key parts of what ecostore is all about.

“When I started the company in 1993 my idea was to keep the Northland land we were based on – and its water - as pure as we could. That was what got us thinking about taking nasty chemicals out of the products people use at home every day. It’s a story we’re proud to be taking to the world as reach into other countries.”

He says it’s an immediately recognisable way to tell people about some of the values ecostore and The New Zealand Story share.

“I love the characteristics summed up by the mark – kaitiaki (guardianship), integrity and resourcefulness. A big part of ecostore’s mission is to guard the health of the planet for future generations, and we couldn’t do business the way we do without integrity and resourcefulness.”

Offshore, we sell in Australia and we’re expanding in Asian markets. We use e-flagship stores to sell to the Chinese market.

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