Article - 5 tips for a healthy Summer

5 tips for a healthy Summer

  1. Make the most of the sunshine and dry your clothes and bed linen outside in the fresh air. Sunshine can actually help kill bacteria and dust mites, and even helps fade stains (and of course, drying clothes outside can save you a few dollars too). Keep colours and dark or black items in the shade but give them the benefit of fresh air wherever possible.
  2. Summer is a great time to switch to lighter meals and it’s actually very easy to grow your own salad vegetables. If space is limited you could always create a summer salad container for yourself or a friend. Tomatoes, cucumber, parsley and chives grow well together and have similar water and sun requirements. These make great gifts as well.
  3. Summer is one of the best times of the year to give your hair dryer a holiday and dry your hair naturally as often as possible as hot air dries and damages your hair. After washing your hair, gently squeeze in a towel and always rub in a downward motion to help reduce any “frizz factor”.
  4. When spending time outside look for shade or take your own - hats, shirts, umbrellas or a handy tree will do the job nicely. Extra care is needed for babies and kids as they are even more vulnerable to sun damage in fact babies under six months need to be kept out of direct sun as much as possible as their skin is not yet protected by melanin.
  5. Morning and early evening walks, swims and other outdoor activities are a good idea during the Summer months as UV radiation levels are highest between September and April, especially between 10am-4pm copy for AU: Morning and early evening walks, swims and other outdoor activities are a good idea in Summer. The SunSmart UV alert will tell you the time period that you need to be extra cautious. You’ll find it on the weather page of most daily newspapers and on the Bureau of Meteorology website:
  6. Water is a precious resource and during the hottest days of Summer it can be hard to get enough of it for your thirsty garden. Mulching keeps your garden looking tidy, reduces the need to water, suppresses weeds and makes good use of material that might otherwise be sent to landfill. For more on that…

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